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Important role of sheep manure fermentation turner in organic fertilizer manufacturing and processing


Function of windrow turning machine in the fermentation process of sheep manure:

The large-scale production of organic fertilizer with organic wastes (such as sheep manure) as raw materials usually has two stages: the first stage is rapid fermentation stage, and the second stage is post maturity or aging stage.
When the aerobic composting production is in the first stage, the soluble organic matter in the material will be oxidized into simple inorganic matter through the metabolic activities of microorganisms, and release energy to provide the required energy for the activities of microorganisms, so that the organism can grow and reproduce normally and produce high temperature. It is called high temperature composting.
At this stage, the material must contain enough oxygen required by the microorganisms. Therefore, turning the material over to make it loose and air-permeable to increase the oxygen content in the material is a necessary process for composting fermentation. The compost turning machine replaces manual operations, which improves efficiency, ensures the quality of turning piles, and reduces labor costs.
organic fertilizer compost windrow turning machine

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