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Special bio organic fertilizer made from animal manure in organic fertilizer equipment

The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is suitable for chicken manure, duck manure, goose manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, pigeon manure, rabbit manure and other common animal manure to produce organic fertilizer. If 10-20% plant straw is added, the effect is better.

Treatment methods of organic fertilizer manufacturing process

animal manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process
1. Raw materials: livestock manure, straw powder (grass powder, sawdust, bran, mushroom substrate, cake), starter, organic fertilizer equipment.

2. Production method: Sprinkle 20-30 cm of manure. After sprinkling straw powder, sprinkle the manure starter diluent. Spread the manure, straw powder, and diluted bacterial liquid again. After turning all over, check the dry humidity of the fermented material. , The dry humidity is about 60%, that is, hold the fermented material tightly with your hands, and feel that there is watermark on your hand but no water drops. If the fermented material is too dry, splash an appropriate amount of water when turning it again, the fermented material is too wet, you can add it Dry excrement or dry soil can be used. After mixing, pile up and cover with a layer of straw or film for fermentation. Use the compost turning machine to process the fermented materials on time.

3. Fermentation time: 7-10 days in summer, 10-15 days in spring and autumn, and fermentation in plastic greenhouse in winter. During the fermentation process, there was an obvious warming process, the fermented organic fertilizer was dark brown, and the odor was reduced.

Fermented organic fertilizer

1. Mix the starter and fermentation material evenly in proportion to start fermentation.
2. The fermentation process needs oxygen supply. The compost dumper is used to turn the materials and increase the oxygen supply. Generally, the fermentation can be completed in 5-7 days.

The organic fertilizer fermented by this method can be directly used as base fertilizer for crops. If further processing, it also needs other organic fertilizer equipment, fertilizer granulator granulation, drying, cooling, bagging and selling as commercial fertilizer.