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The effect of gypsum

Agricultural gypsum is both fertilizer and soil conditioner. Among the 16 nutrients that crops requires, there are calcium and sulfur, and the main component of gypsum is calcium sulfate, which contains both calcium and sulfur, so it is also a fertilizer. Due to the extensive sources of calcium and sulfur in the soil, the relative amount is more than other nutrients elements, in general, gypsum is not applied as fertilizer alone. In the high-yielding areas of the South, the crops absorb more calcium and sulfur, supplements less, and gypsum is also have the effect of yield-increasing. 

The main use of gypsum is as a soil conditioner for improving alkaline soil. Alkaline soils distributed sporadically in the northeast, northwest and other semi-arid areas of our country, which is characterized by soil solution containing sodium carbonate and heavy sodium carbonate, soil colloids containing exchangeable sodium, so the soil is strongly alkaline reaction. PH up to 9 or more. Soil viscosity, poor permeability, seriously affecting crop growth. Gypsum improving alkaline soil is due to the main component of gypsum calcium sulfate, with the soil solution of sodium carbonate and heavy sodium carbonate to produce sodium sulfate soluble in water, salt can be washed by irrigation, along with the water leaching, so as to eliminate the top layer of soil alkaline, to achieve the purpose of improving the soil.

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