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Tianci Single Axis Urea Crusher of NPK Compound Fertilizer Production

  The  Single Axis Urea Crusher is a crushing machine used for the production of high nitrogen compound fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer.
  The machine mainly uses the gap between the high-speed running rooler and the concave plate for grinding and shearing. the size of the gap determines the degree of material crushing. after the urea granules enter the machine, the drum is first rotated at a high speed to break the particles against the wall and the baffle of the machine. and then grinded into the powder through the gap between the drum and the concave plate.
  This single axis urea crusher is simple in structure, convenient in operation, samll in dust, high in output, and low in noise. it is a ideal matching equipment for producing high nitrogen compound fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer.
The main equipment of npk fertilizer production line in Zhengzhou Tianci:
1.Batching System Series
2. Vertical Mixer
3. Rotary drum granulator
 4. Rotary Dryer 
5. Other facilities
6. Rotary Cooler
7. Rotary Screener
8. Chain Crusher
9. Coating Machine   
10. Automatic Fertilizer Packing Machine