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Uses and characteristics of throwing machine

Organic fertilizer granule rounding machine can be used for the beauty of all granular fertilizers. The granulated fertilizer produced by extrusion granulation or disc type fertilizer granulator machine process is rounded by the rounding machine. The strength of the pellets is high, the ball forming rate of the fertilizer is as high as 98%, and the ball feeding rate is low, so it can reduce energy consumption and increase yield. The more important thing is to improve the product quality and product image of fertilizer pellets.
The raw materials of chicken manure and other livestock manure are organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer, compound fertilizer. The particles are rounded. Bio-organic fertilizer particles, such as grass ash, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge, straw, etc.

First, the use and characteristics of organic fertilizer pellet throwing machine:
1. The organic fertilizer pellet throwing machine has high output and can be flexibly arranged in the fertilizer manufacturing process. It can be used together with organic fertilizer pelletizer, disc pelletizer, and flat film extrusion pelletizer, which can solve the needs of a single pelletizer. Disadvantages such as the complicated process, large equipment investment, and the quality of the finished product caused by the single throwing machine;

2. Organic fertilizer pellet rounding machine consists of two or three throwing cylinders arranged in sequence. After several rounds of material, the finished product is discharged from the discharge port. %, While a small amount of fertilizer falls from the gap of the disc edge of the organic fertilizer throwing machine and flows out along the waste mouth;

3.The organic fertilizer pellet throwing machine has a beautiful appearance, simple structure and working principle, safety and reliability, small size, light weight, and convenient operation and maintenance;

4. The adaptability of the machine can adapt to work in various environments, and the organic fertilizer pellet rounding machine can maintain continuous long-term operation, low power consumption, low power consumption, low production costs and high economic benefits.