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What are the applications of drum cooler in fertilizer manufacturing process

What is the application of cooler in NPK fertilizer manufacturing process and what is the application principle? Next, let's learn about it together.

The cooler of the fertilizer production equipment is mainly used in combination with other fertilizer equipment through the induced draft fan. The application principle is that the air flow inside the rotary cylinder is accelerated under the suction force, and the lifting plate installed by the rotary arm is turned up to achieve The purpose of cooling. In the process of use, the machine is mainly used in the mixed production of organic fertilizer equipment and compound fertilizer.

The cooler can mix granular fertilizer at a certain temperature, and the rotary cooler can be used in conjunction with the dryer, which can greatly increase the cooling rate, thereby reducing labor intensity, and greatly increasing output. This can further reduce part of the moisture and reduce the temperature of the mixed compound fertilizer made by the rotary drum granulator. The rotary cooler can also be used for other powdery objects. The cooling equipment has a compact structure and relatively low cooling efficiency. It is relatively high, so the performance is also safe and reliable of the steel frame, and the use performance is also relatively strong.