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What equipment is needed to produce npk compound fertilizer?

 Granular compound (mixed) fertilizer: The mixed compound fertilizer production line can use the npk fertilizer production line to produce various simple fertilizers. During mixing, the ammonia-containing liquid can be converted to water vapor by providing a small amount of liquid phase by heating and adding acid. Use roller press granulator, disc granulator machine or drum granulator to produce compound fertilizer. The main characteristics of fertilizers are high nutrient concentration and remarkable fertilizer efficiency. Npk fertilizer production process mainly includes feeder, disc mixer, chain crusher, drum granulator, drum dryer, drum cooler, drum screening machine, finished product warehouse, automatic packaging machine, belt conveyor, settling chamber ,heat exchanger.

Commonly used organic fertilizer granulation equipment includes: disc granulator machine, NPK fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, wet granulator, twin-roll extrusion granulator, flat die granulator. The selection of the granulator should be based on the local fertilizer sales market conditions. The particle shape is different, the process of organic fertilizer equipment is also different, and the price of fertilizer granulator is also different. The double roller granulator is driven by a motor, and the connecting belt drives two twin-roller molds to rotate in opposite directions. Semicircular grooves of the same size are distributed on the mold. When the dies are rotated to the point of contact, they form a circle. The size of the resulting particles is determined by the selected abrasive tool and is formed in one shot. It is suitable for organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, feed, chemical industry and other fields.

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