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What is the bulk mixed fertilizer production line like?

Bulk mixed fertilizer production line is a kind of fertilizer production line. Nowadays, the application of various fertilizers, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, loose mixed fertilizers, etc., are beneficial to plants, crops and soil. Because it contains a variety of nutrients in various fertilizers, it can promote the growth of crops, just like various vegetables. And BB fertilizer is aimed at this channel, leading people to the road to wealth.

BB fertilizer production mainly produces granular fertilizer, which is a fine mixed fertilizer process. Fermentation is not required because its materials come from several kinds of finished fertilizer granules, which can be purchased or produced through npk production lines, which require more organic fertilizer equipment for crushing, compounding and mixing, drying, granulating, cooling, There are several processes such as screening, metering and packaging, and the granulator includes a double roller granulator, a rotary drum granulator, and so on. You will need to mix according to the compatibility guidelines for your fertilizer mix materials. Or blended fertilizers cannot meet the use standards. No matter what you need, it must be produced or formulated as a bulk blend with a high-quality formulation.

What's more, the process of batch mixed production system is very simple. Because the complete extruded fertilizer production process only needs two fertilizer equipment, the key BB fertilizer mixer and bagging machine for the production of mixed granular fertilizer. Among all fertilizer production lines, fertilizer blending plants with high investment costs are very commercial processes.

First, we confirmed that the material is an NPK material belonging to compound fertilizer. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable fertilizer production line. Bulk mixing production line and npk production line are available.
Second, confirm the capacity. And select the appropriate fertilization equipment to form the fertilizer distribution line.
Finally, we can provide a complete fertilizer blending program or project for free until we meet your needs.