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What kind of granules can be produced by the double roller granulator?

 The double roller granulator is a new type of granulator developed by the chemical fertilizer industry. Whether you are producing compound fertilizer or NPK fertilizer, our twin-roller granulator can meet your needs. It can also be used to produce special compound fertilizers with high, medium and low concentrations. It is an indispensable equipment for npk fertilizer production line. Others can also be matched with it to form a production line with continuous and mechanized production capacity.

Double roller granulator is an essential machine for compound fertilizer production. This machine can produce high, medium and low concentration special compound fertilizer granules. Using double roller granulator equipment, compound fertilizer granules such as urea, zinc sulfate, potassium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, and sodium chloride can be obtained.
This machine is suitable for npk production line. With the help of a double-roller granulator, the high-quality ammonium phosphorus and potassium fertilizer granules are rolled into shape at one time. In other words, it can help you improve your granulation efficiency.
Our twin roll granulator has wide applicability. It can also granulate raw materials for chemical, pharmaceutical and metallurgical granules. In addition, since our double roller granulator adopts the method of physical extrusion, the nutritional content of these raw materials can be preserved after using this machine.

How does double roller granulator work in your fertilizer production? You can put the mixed materials from the feed hopper into the twin-roll granulator, and use the strong power of two counter-rotating rollers to squeeze these materials. Under the strong extrusion force, the mixed material can become a cake. Through the conveyor chain, the counter-rotating crushing rollers crush the lumpy mixed material. After screening, the high-quality granular fertilizer can be discharged from the discharge port. At the same time, raw materials are mixed with new materials and re-granulated. The granulation process is completely completed. In addition, because the material continuously enters the feeding hopper under the action of the driving motor, the twin-roller granulator can achieve the purpose of mass production.