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What is the treatment process of fertilizer production line equipment dryer

With the development of economy, the agricultural industry is also developing, driving the development of some agricultural equipment. Dryer of organic fertilizer production line is one of them. The rotary drum dryer has reasonable design, excellent production performance, advanced technology, high output and small floor area. The technology and adaptability of the dryer for bio organic fertilizer have been improved continuously.

The dryer using electricity as fuel has environmental protection technology. The smaller it is, the more uniform it is. It's a better dryer. Fuel makes the fuel fuller and the dry material better. But in this case, the cost of fuel will increase. Therefore, some customers add the quality of this kind of coal to some inferior coal, which may reduce the investment cost. However, in this case, the temperature in the machine will fluctuate and uneven, which will affect the quality of dry materials and achieve the expected effect, so it is not worth paying the price.

But we have to add inferior coal. Experts said that some inferior coal can be added to high-quality coal, but not too much, so the consequences are not obvious, saving fuel costs. Therefore, using coal as fuel drying equipment, the correct use of coal will produce unexpected results.
fertilizer production line equipment dryer

Rotary drum dryer is a kind of special drying equipment with high moisture, high viscosity, high water holding capacity and low calorific value specially developed and designed for the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. The internal structure of the dryer is specially designed, which not only improves the thermal efficiency.In general, the equipment has the advantages of simple process design, low investment and operation cost, and it is more suitable for users who need long-term storage of granules after processing by rotary drum granulator.

Increasing the inlet air temperature of the dryer is conducive to improving the thermal efficiency of the dryer, and the inlet air temperature is limited by the allowable temperature of the product. In the parallel flow particle suspension dryer, the surface temperature of the particles is low, so the air inlet temperature of the drying equipment can be much higher than the allowable temperature of the product.