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Why to buy complete set of organic fertilizer production line equipment

If you want to make organic fertilizer, you have to buy a complete organic fertilizer production line equipment. The manufacturing process of organic fertilizer needs to be processed by mechanical equipment to achieve the output we need. And the organic fertilizer equipment from the beginning of the raw material fermentation to the end of the finished organic fertilizer are processed by a strict production line system.

Organic fertilizer production line to solve the problem of cultivation waste

On the other hand, the long-term cultivation of crops causes soil degradation, so it is urgent to supplement organic matter for conservation. Therefore, the processing of organic fertilizer is also to complete the industrialization of manure treatment. The original fecal sewage is a mixture of feces and urine, which can be separated by a solid-liquid separator. The separated solid matter can be used to produce solid organic fertilizer, while the liquid can be processed into water-soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, etc.

In the process of manure composting, organic matter is transformed from unstable state to stable humus substance along with the decomposition of organic matter and the formation of humus. Due to the decomposition and transformation of carbon and other volatile components, the volume and weight of retting materials have changed significantly, and the weight and volume will be reduced by about 1 / 2.

If the moisture content is too high, it will hinder ventilation and the temperature is difficult to rise. The decomposition rate is obviously reduced, which results in the anaerobic state is not conducive to the growth of aerobic microorganisms and is prone to odor. Low water content can not meet the needs of microbial growth, and organic matter is difficult to decompose.

Processing of complete organic fertilizer production line

The compost after fermentation must be made into organic fertilizer, and further processed. After the compost is crushed, it is granulated with a fertilizer granulator, and finally the finished fertilizer is packaged and sold.
complete set of organic fertilizer production line equipment

Many people have no idea about a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment, including flat die pellet mill, rotary drum granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. Only by using the connection and technology of the whole organic fertilizer production line, can we make qualified organic fertilizer, and can we also treat animal manure innocuously. After being processed into organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer equipment, it can be sold and used again.