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Performance characteristics and working principle of organic fertilizer ball shaping machine

 In order to make the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer form a spherical granular fertilizer, it is necessary to use an organic fertilizer rounding machine, so that the appearance of the particles looks round and smooth. So, what is the organic fertilizer ball shaping machine?

What is the working principle? Let's let Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry introduce it to you.

What is an organic fertilizer granules polishing machine?
The organic fertilizer throwing machine is commonly used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to add a rounding device after the fertilizer granulator machine, so that the cylindrical particles of the organic fertilizer and the compound fertilizer can be made into a spherical shape, the working efficiency is high, the particle strength is large, and the appearance is also very beautiful. Therefore, the organic fertilizer throwing machine is an indispensable machine for making spherical organic fertilizer granules.

Performance characteristics
1. It is very difficult to make a spherical organic fertilizer in the past, and it requires a lot of money. Now with the organic fertilizer throwing machine, the production yield of organic fertilizer can be improved.
2, the organic fertilizer throwing machine in the production of organic fertilizer granules, the material is placed behind the rounded, and then discharged from the discharge opening, so that the organic fertilizer produced by the same particle size, and, the appearance is also very round and smooth.
3. The operation is very simple when making organic fertilizer granules, and you need to read the instructions carefully to operate.
4. It has strong adaptability to the environment, saving costs and improving efficiency when making organic fertilizer granules.

Working principle
The device for the organic fertilizer throwing machine is very simple, and is composed of two or more than two throwing cylinders. Therefore, after the material is placed in a rounded shape, the material can be discharged from the discharge opening, and the size of the produced organic fertilizer particles is also the same, forming a spherical shape, and the yield is high. The organic fertilizer throwing machine rounds the particles made of organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, etc. according to the needs of the animals.

According to the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of what is the organic fertilizer throwing machine. It can be freely matched with new organic fertilizer granulator, flat die press granulator and dual-mode granulator. We are one of leading fertilizer machine manufacturers of fertilizer machine in China, we produce all types of machines in the fertilizer manufacturing process, and you can inquiry freely.