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Bio organic fertilizer production line shipped to Nigeria

The fertilizer project is to be designed and used to produce the bio organic fertilizer. Now more and more bio organic fertilizer are to be used in the market, improve the production producitivity is necessary. So the biofertilizer project is to be designed and used to finish the production process. Recently, our factory has provided Nigeria with a set of bio organic fertilizer equipment.
Bio organic fertilizer production line shipped to Nigeria

How to produce the bio organic fertilizer? The technical content of bio organic fertilizer production is relatively high. In addition to add biological agents to promote the maturity and decomposition of organic materials in the process of maturity, in order to achieve the purpose of direction maturity and deodorization, it is also necessary to add microorganisms with specific functions in the product to improve the effect of the product.

1. The bio organic fertilizer production line

The bio organic fertilizer production enterprises are mainly engaged in the production of microbial fertilizer. In the fermentation production process, the tank stacking fermentation method is mostly used. There are other fermentation methods, such as intelligent high-temperature aerobic vertical tanl fermentation, flat stacking fermentation, sealed warehouse fermentation, etc, which are also applied in the production. In the process of fermentation and ripening, the adjustment of material moisture, carbon nitrogen ratio, temperature and the use of ripening agent are the key to the production process, especially the application of bacterial agent directly affects the fermentation cycle and ripening degree of material. The decomposed material basically realizes the harmless of the product, which is also conducive to the survival of the functional bacteria added in the pose-treatment process.

2. Production technology of the biofertilizer project

In the post-treatment of fermentaion materials, most enterprises add functional bacteria for compounding and shaping, the product dosage form is mainly dust, but there are also rotary drum granulator or disc granulator,  the fertilizer granulator machine can be used in organic fertilizer production line or the npk fertilizer production line. This fertilizer production line sent to Nigeria chose a disc granulator to granulate. Particle products overcome the disafvantages of poor appearance and low level of powder products, improve the commodity of products, but also improve the production cost of enterprises, and it has a certain impact on the survival of effective bacteria.