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Indonesia Customer Fertilizer Equipment Visiting Site In Tianci

  Here is the second time of indonesia customer visitting the npk compound fertilizer production line equpment in tiaci factory. With the marketing scale of compound fertilizer is increasing, our Indonesian customer need large-output npk fertilizer production line equipment.
  Tianci Heavy Industry providing the medium scale to large sacle organic fertilizer production machine and compound fertilizer production line machine. the production capacity is 10000 tons to 50 million tons every year. we have provided the solution of annual output 50 million tons npk fertilizer production line for our clients, sheep manure bio organic fertilizer production line, and nissan 200 tons organic fertilizer combination grganuation production line and so on. 
  NPK fertilizer granulator including rotary drum granulator, dis granuator, new type two in one organic fertilizer granulator.  Oranic fertilizer granulator including  new type organic granulator, flat die granulator and others. all these granulators have high quality and high capacity.