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China Leading Bio Organic Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturing plant

 Bio organic fertilizer production equipment manufactured by china leading fertilizer equipment manufacturing plant converts fermented organic waste into the bio-organic fertilizer, such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, crops waste and other industrial waste. From the compost fermentation to granulation in the whole production process has world-class and energy-saving operation.
How to build the whole set of bio-organic fertilizer production line:

The main equipments:
1. Compost fermentation machine
2. Half-wet material crusher
3. Horizontal mixer
4. Organic fertilizer granulator, 
5. Fertilizer drying and cooling machine, 
6. Cyclone dust collector and hot stove, 
7. Rotary screener
8. chain crusher, 
9. Coating machine,
10. Automatic fertilizer packing machine.
The Details of China leading bio -organic fertilizer equipment manufacturing plant:
 The compost fermentation process of organic fertilizer raw material, livestock and poultry manure, crops and industrial waste are the normal materials. In the process of bio-organic fertilizer production, biological bacterium agent is necessary for the rapid fermentation, and the compost turning machine is essential for the aerobic fermentation. We have five types of compost turning machine according to the capacity of bio-organic fertilizer production.
 Fermented and decomposed materials should be crushed into the fine powder by the half-wet crushing machine, and be mixed adequately and uniformly by the horizontal mixer.
 Harmless treatment materials are processed into the granules bio-organic fertilizer, here we provide new type organic fertilizer granulator for the China leading bio -organic fertilizer equipment manufacturing plant. New type two in one organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator are both used for the organic fertilizer and npk compound fertilizer.
 The granules of bio-organic fertilizer has high moisture content, we need to use the fertilizer cooler to dry the water for rapid production of qualified granules index. Here the hot stove provide the heat source, and cyclone dust collector is used for the reduce dust to protect environment.
 For the strict control to fertilizer granules production quality, we need to use rotary screener to classify the quailed and unqualified granules. Substandard granules are sent into the chain crusher for the re-crushing process for the second granulation.
 To prevent the agglomeration and volatilization of fertilizer granules, coating agent be adhere to the surface of granules with coating machine.
 We provide the granules, powder, and tons automatic packing machines. Which all have the automatic weigh and packing machine with saving energy and simplifying operation.
 We are china leading bio-organic fertilizer production equipment processing plant and npk compound fertilizer production line manufacturing plant-Zengzhou Huaqiang. We are committed to the maintaining ecological environment and protect world agriculture. And make world-class agriculture equipment.
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