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Application Amount of Organic Fertilizer on the Grape


In the production of grape, the nutrition source is mainly obtained from the soil, here, scientific use of fertilizer is emphasized, and organic and inorganic fertilizers are properly combined. About the application of base fertilizer period on grape, and how should control base fertilizer use quantity? Simple and scientific method of calculating organic fertilizer is as followed.

Step 1calculate the soil

The area of an mu is 667 , the tilth depth of grape is in 20 - 80 , according to the 20 calculation: the soil volume of plough layor of an mu = 667 * 0.2 m = 133.4 m³The soil capacity range is 1.00-1.6g /cm³, calculated according to 1.15g/cm ³The weightof an mu of ploughed soil is 133.4m ³ *1.15g/cm ³ =150,000kg
 Step 2:  calculate organic fertilizer

   The content of organic matter in organic fertilizer is calculated as 45%. The application of 50kg of organic fertilizer in an mu of soil can theoretically change soil organic matter =50kg*45%/ 150kg= 0.015%. In order to continuously improve the soil and keep the soil organic matter at a good level, we calculate with an increase of 1%, that is, a unit of soil organic matter (the average soil organic matter content is 2-3%), what is the amount of organic fertilizer applied to an mu of soil? That is1%*150,000kg/45%=3333kg.
Application Amount of Organic Fertilizer on the GrapeApplication Amount of Organic Fertilizer on the GrapeApplication Amount of Organic Fertilizer on the Grape

   This is just a reference for the theory. At the same time, the use of organic fertilizer is a continuous supplement. It is recommended to use it once a year, which can effectively improve the soil of the vineyard
  Effective application of base fertilizer is combined with deep cultivation. The application of base fertilizer should be combined with deep tillage in the area where the root system is concentrated (the furrow of grapes is about 50cm from the root system, the furrow width is about 30-50cm, and the depth is about 40-50cm) and the soil layer which is always in a humid state, so as to achieve the integration of soil fertilizer and play the role of fertilizing the soil and providing nutrients for the crop.

 In order to adapt to the continuous elongation of crop roots and the absorption of nutrients, the effectiveness fertilizer should be first applied to the middle and lower part of soil tillage, and then applied the quick action fertilizer to the upper part to achieve stratified fertilization and combine the slow effect with the quick effect.
  Centralized application. In order to improve the efficiency of fertilizer application, a small amount of fertilizer is often applied around the root of grapes (such as furrow or burrow). For phosphate fertilizers, mixing with organic fertilizers and applying them centrally can reduce the contact area with the soil and prevent the phosphorus from being fixed by the soil, thus improving the efficiency of phosphorus.
  compound fertilizer application. In order to ensure that the crops obtain all kinds of nutrition continuously during the whole growth period, the base fertilizer had better use the method of mixed application of many kinds of fertilizer, "organic fertilizer + bacterial fertilizer+ compound fertilizer + microelement fertilizer", first add organic fertilizer, then add microorganism bacterial fertilizer, mix well, next add microelement fertilizer again, finally add compound fertilizer after mixing! 

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