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Advantages and characteristics of chain composting equipment in organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Composting equipment is essential in organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The design of the chain plate tipping machine is reasonable, and the power consumption of the motor is low. Our turning machine adopts high-quality hard face gear reducer in the transmission, with low noise and high efficiency.

Now let's talk about the performance characteristics of the organic fertilizer composting equipment-chain plate turner in detail.

1. Optional with trough compost turner, automatic discharge device, solar fermentation chamber and ventilation aeration system. It can be realized that one dumper can carry out multi slot operation and save investment by changing slot with the transfer machine.

2. When the composting equipment overturns, the material stays on the pallet for a long time, scatters at a high position, contacts with the air fully, and is easy to reduce the moisture.

3. The pallet of the compost turning machine is equipped with flexible tensioning and elastic damping systems to protect the transmission system and working parts for efficient operation. The turning pallet is equipped with a removable wear-resistant curved tooth knife, which has strong crushing ability and good oxygenation effect of the material pile.
chain composting equipment in organic fertilizer manufacturing process
4. The lifting and lowering of working parts are controlled by hydraulic system, which is flexible, safe and fast. The machine can be remotely controlled to move forward, move horizontally, turn over and quickly retreat and other operations to improve the operating environment.

5. Side reduction front and rear bridges have high ground clearance and large bearing capacity. The machine has good turning and throwing performance, and the fermented materials are suitable for fertilizer granulator machine processing.

6. Through the lateral and longitudinal displacement, the dumper can realize the dumping operation at any position in the tank, which is flexible.

7. The machine adopts chain transmission and rolling support supporting plate structure, which has the advantages of small overturning resistance, power saving and energy saving, and is suitable for deep groove operation.