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What are the manufacturing and processing procedures of organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line is a kind of special equipment for processing poultry manure to form organic fertilizer. This kind of production line has a certain working standard in processing, and only according to the working standard can it play the role of production. So, what is the working standard of organic fertilizer production line in the process of processing?

The water content of sludge in the organic fertilizer production line is high, about 75% ≤ 80%, and the content of harmful bacteria is not high after anaerobic fermentation. When it is transported back to the fermentation plant, the raw materials with low water content should be placed in the fermentation tank, and then the mixed waste should be placed on the top of the fermentation tank, so as to make full use of the liquid organic fertilizer and improve the content of various nutrients in the raw materials. In the fermentation process, the moisture content of raw material is 50% ≤ 55%.

When the temperature reaches 65-70 ℃, the compost dumper can dump the material. When the temperature is too high, the beneficial bacteria in the raw materials will be killed. When the content of beneficial bacteria in the finished product is unqualified, the fermentation time can reach 5 to 7 days in summer and longer in winter.

At this time, the moisture content of the decomposed material is 35%≤40%, and the material can be crushed. It can be carried out by a special crusher for organic fertilizer. Shattered material dumping bin,
Ingredients 3~4 warehouses, and the other two warehouses for adding trace elements, are automatically weighed and sent to the main conveyor to the biaxial organic fertilizer production line for mixing.

Continuously agitate the material. After mixing, the material directly enters the bucket elevator and rises to the ground, and enters at a height of 2 meters. The chain grinder is crushed. Because there are small agglomerations during the stirring, the granulation effect is not good, so the crushed materials are sent into Disc feeder, disc feeder can give multiple granulators at the same time, feed uniformly, and then use NPK fertilizer granulator for granulation treatment.
organic fertilizer production line

Finally, the fertilizer granules are processed by the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, metered and packaged, and sold as commercial fertilizer.