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Advantages Of Applying Organic Fertilizer In Orchards

  Organic fertilizer produced by professional organic fertilizer processing plant can apply in the planting of fruits, vegetables, wheat, corn and other agricultural planting and commercial crops. which has much advantages of increasing the yield, improving crop quality and soil structure. today let us know more about the application of organic fertilizer in orchards.
  Advantages of applying organic fertilizer in orchards:
1. organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients, comprehensive,any kind of fertilizer is not available.
2. organic fertilizer can improve the soil.
3. Organic fertilizer can promote the activity of microorganisms in soil, accelerate the biological cycle in soil, promote the growth of fruit trees and ensure the quality of fruit.
4. In the decomposition process, organic fertilizers can produce a large amount of organic acids, which can turn some insoluble nutrients into soluble nutrients, thus improving the utilization rate of soil nutrients.
5. The use of organic fertilizers in orchards is conducive to root growth. Apply more organic fertilizer to young fruit trees, which can promote growth, age - appropriate result and early yield.
  Advantages of Applying organic fertilizer to the fruit trees was beneficial to strengthen the tree potential, ease the age, increase the yield and quality, improve the ability of disease resistance and increase the economic benefit. Otherwise, npk compound fertilizer is also need to be applied in the orchards.