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How To Apply Organic Fertilizer To Fruit Trees?

   Applying organic fertilizer to the fruit trees was beneficial to strengthen the tree potential, ease the age, increase the yield and quality, improve the ability of disease resistance and increase the economic benefit. high-quality organic fertilizer need professional organic fertilizer production line manufacturer.
  Application period of organic fertilizer had better be after harvest.During this period, there was a growth peak in the root system of apple trees. After fertilization, the wound of the root system healed quickly, and the root system could grow quickly and absorb and use nutrients, which had a good effect on promoting the photosynthesis of leaves at the later stage of the year, producing and storing nutrients, as well as promoting the growth of roots and branches in the next spring, and improving the fruiting rate.
  The contents of soil organic matter in Japanese orchards were generally in the range of 3~5, and even reached 3~8 in American orchards.According to the experiment of scientific research department, the content of organic matter in orchards should not be less than 1, otherwise it will seriously affect the yield and quality.Many of our orchards have less than 1.The fruit of orchard with high organic matter is easy to be full red, and the fruit has high soluble solids, fragrance, brightness, bright color and high sugar content.Investigation discovery, it is an orchard to fill likewise 60 jins tall potassium, organic matter is little, contain saccharine content low, organic matter is tall, contain saccharine content tall.
  However, there are still some fruit farmers who apply less organic fertilizer and more chemical fertilizer. In the long run, it will cause damage to the soil quality of orchards, weaken the growth of fruit trees, increase the production period, produce low fruit quality and bring very low economic benefits.Therefore, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer is very important for the growth of fruit trees in orchards, and its role is irreplaceable. only professional  the organic fertilizer production line and npk compound fertilizer production line can  produce high-quality organic fertilize and compound fertilizer.