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Advantages of chain compost turner machine

With the continuous development of the times, the chain compost turner machine has gradually come into our lives and is becoming more and more familiar to more and more people. It not only has excellent performance, but also has a long service life. So what are its benefits? How about it? Let's take a closer look.
compost turner machine
Product characteristics and principle of chain compost turner machine:
Chain compost turner machine is suitable for deep tank aerobic composting of organic solid waste such as livestock manure, sludge, domestic garbage and so on. This equipment walks on the guide rail of the fermentation tank, and its high-efficiency turning operation is conducive to accelerating the fermentation and maturation of the materials in the fermentation tank, reducing the moisture content and improving the quality of compost. It’s commonly used in the organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project.

Product Features:
The chain plate type throwing machine adopts a chain transmission and rolling support pallet structure, which has a small turning resistance, saves energy and energy, and is suitable for deep groove operation;
The flipping pallet is equipped with a flexible tensioning and elastic shock absorption system to protect the transmission system and working components for efficient operation;
There are 390 replaceable wear-resistant curved tooth cutters on the flipping pallet, which has strong crushing ability and good oxygenation effect.
When flipping and throwing, the material stays on the pallet for a long time, it is scattered at a high position, it is in full contact with the air, and it is easy to get water;
Through horizontal and vertical displacement, it can realize flipping operation at any position in the tank, which is flexible and flexible;
The lifting and lowering of the working parts is controlled by a hydraulic system, which is flexible and safe and fast;
It can remotely control the aircraft's forward, traverse, flip and fast backward operations to improve the operating environment;
Optional trough raw material distributor, automatic discharge device, solar fermentation room, ventilation and aeration system, etc .;
Equipped with a moving machine to change the slot can realize a single turning machine with multiple slots, saving investment.