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Comparison of advantages of disc granulator and counter-roller granulator production line

Advantages of the disc granulator fertilizer manufacturing process:
1. Disc granulator can directly observe the real-time situation of granulation, the granulation process is not normal, and can be adjusted at any time.
2. The particle size can be adjusted and the degree of freedom is relatively large. This is because the size of the particles depends on the inclination and rotation speed of the disc. The Zhengzhou Tianci brand disc granulator can adjust its inclination and rotation speed, so the particle size control range is wider.
3. Disc granulator organic fertilizer manufacturing process is short, the process structure is not complicated, and equipment investment is relatively small, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
fertilizer production line
Advantages of the roll extrusion granulator fertilizer manufacturing process:
1. The pair of roller extrusion granulator belongs to dry granulation. It is not necessary to adjust the dryness and wetness of the material during granulation, and there is no need to increase the drying equipment.
2. A wide range of granulation. It can be adapted to process particles containing heat sensitive materials, such as organic fertilizer added with ammonium bicarbonate granulation.
3. Due to dry granulation, no waste water or waste gas is discharged during the production process.
4. The extrusion granulation process is short, easy to control automatically, and the production efficiency is relatively high.
5. The roll-to-roll extrusion granulator has good flexibility in production and can adjust the fertilizer production plan at any time, which can be used to produce special fertilizer.
6. Relative to pellet granulation, the uniformity of particle size of the roll extrusion granulator is a significant advantage because the spherical pockets of the rolls are the same size.

From the comparison of the processing technology and advantages of the above-mentioned disc granulator and the counter-roller granulator production line, we can see that each of them is different in processing granular fertilizer, and the disc fertilizer granulator machine has a high degree of freedom and smoothness. The roundness is good, and the particle size of the roller extrusion granulator is relatively uniform. From the perspective of the production process, the processing techniques of the two are not too complicated. Roll granulator is simpler; after all, there is no requirement for material humidity.