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What are the advantages of compound fertilizer equipment granulation process?

The compound fertilizer granulator machine produced by Zhengzhou Tianci Machinery Manufactory mainly includes disc granulator machine, rotary drum granulator machine, roller press granulator; they are all widely used in the NPK fertilizer production line, for the granulation process. No matter which granulation process, it has the following advantages:
NPK fertilizer production line

1. Nutrients are comprehensive and high in content: Containing two or more nutrients, it can provide a variety of nutrients for crops in a balanced and long-term at the same time, improving the effect of fertilization.

2, Good physical properties, easy to apply: the size of compound fertilizer particles is generally relatively uniform, the hygroscopicity is small, easy to store and apply, and more suitable for mechanized application.

3. Less side components, no adverse effects on the soil: Most of the nutrients contained in compound fertilizer are necessary for crops, which can avoid the waste of certain material resources and avoid the adverse effects of some side components on the soil.

4. Diverse ratios are conducive to targeted selection and application: The main feature of compound fertilizers is that they can be selected and applied according to the characteristics of soil nutrients and the nutritional characteristics of crops to avoid the waste of certain nutrients and improve the yield of fertilizer.

5. Reduce costs and save expenses: Compound fertilizers have fewer auxiliary components, and the content of active ingredients is generally higher than that of elemental fertilizers. Fertilizers containing the same amount of nutrients are small, packaging and transportation costs are low, and application is convenient.

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