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Characteristics and advantages of organic fertilizer granulator

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process is the use of microbial fermentation technology, livestock and poultry manure, municipal waste and so on to make deodorization sterile, high efficiency, not burn roots and seedlings of organic fertilizer, used in grain fields, fruits, vegetables and flowers, suitable for the new plant or the original compound fertilizer plant technical transformation.

Biological organic fertilizer spherical granulator is on the basis of particle pressing machine, equipped with the appropriate throwing round device, so that cylindrical particles rolled into a ball, no return, pellet-forming rate of high, good strength, beautiful and applicable, is now the organic fertilizer (biological) to make spherical particles ideal equipment.
organic fertilizer granulator
Main performance characteristics of organic fertilizer granulator machine:
The press roller of this machine adopts inclined wheel. And both ends and the mold plate, the outer ring line speed consistent, there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the mold, reduce the resistance, reduce the loss of kinetic energy, extend the service life of the mold, this is the same as the same type of compression molding equipment is a significant difference at the same time, the technology used in the organic fertilizer granulator is now more advanced technology;

The pressure roller of the organic fertilizer granulator is evenly set and runs smoothly, which changes the phenomenon that the ordinary flat mould pressure roller is easy to feed.

Organic fertilizer granulator adopts center pressure regulating structure to adapt to different materials and ensure the pressing effect.

Organic fertilizer granulator this model is equipped with 2-- 20 kinds of aperture mold, suitable for different materials granulation, can achieve better results.

Advantages of organic fertilizer granulator machine:
First: organic fertilizer granulator pressure wheel increased, so that the bearing increased, enhance the ability to withstand pressure.

Second: After the pressure wheel is increased, the temperature generated by extrusion friction is not easy to be transmitted to the bearing room, so as to ensure that the bearing works at low temperature and the grease is not easy to overflow.

Three: after the increase of the pressure wheel, the pressure wheel can be restored 2-3 times, extending the service life of the organic fertilizer granulator, reducing the production cost, increasing the profit space of the investment project.

Four: the press wheel of this machine adopts multiple evenly distributed cloth, running smoothly, at the same time, increasing the pressing area and improving the production efficiency.

Five: this model compression molding diversification, round rod, particles as long as the exchange of the mold can be done, adapt to different materials compression molding, to achieve better efficiency.