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What kind of equipment is needed for fermented soybean meal organic fertilizer?

 When the soybean meal is directly applied to the soil, it will produce fermentation, and the heat generated will burn the roots and burn the seedlings, and the soybean meal is directly applied to the soil, the nutrients are not easily decomposed and absorbed, so the effect is poor, thus the soybean meal needs to be first processed into organic fertilizer. Though the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the soybean meal fertilizer will be good to the plant growing.
soybean meal organic fertilizer production
The supporting equipment needed for fermenting organic fertilizer of soybean meal is:
1. Compost turning machine: industrialized fermentation treatment of organic solids such as animal manure, domestic garbage, sludge, and crop straw. The device comprehensively ferments the uniformity of the fermentation material.

2. Semi-wet material pulverizer: pulverizing equipment with high humidity and multi-fibrous material. Using high-speed rotating sheets, the pulverized fiber has good particle size, high efficiency and high energy. The semi-wet material pulverizer is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer and the smashing of chicken manure, humic acid and other raw materials has a good effect.

3. The mixing speed of the mixer is fast, the uniformity is good, and it can be mixed quickly and effectively. The lower opening speed is adopted, and the residual amount is small.

4. Fertilizer granulator machine is a molding machine that can manufacture materials into specific shapes. Widely used in the production of organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers and other fields. According to the structure and working principle, it can be divided into a roll extrusion granulator, a disc granulator, a new organic fertilizer granulator and the like.

5. The rotary dryer is mainly composed of a rotating body, a lifting plate, a transmission device, a supporting device and a sealing ring, and the length is determined according to the drying requirement, and is one of the traditional drying devices.

6. Rotary cooler can reduce the moisture content while cooling a certain temperature, reduce labor intensity and increase production.

7. The drum screening machine adopts a combined screen mesh for easy maintenance and replacement. The machine has simple structure, convenient operation and stable operation.

8. The packaging machine is mainly composed of material importing, feeding mechanism (gate), weighing hopper, bagging mechanism, frame, suction port, pneumatic system, sensor, control box, conveying and sewing mechanism.

9. Conveyor: Conveyor belt conveyor, bucket elevator or screw conveyor according to the actual needs of customers.