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Advantages of small walking windrow turner for composting treatment

Bio organic fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer produced by fermentation, which uses livestock manure, crop straw and other organic matter, after harmless treatment, connected with beneficial functional microbial flora. My plant's pile turner is also favored by many organic fertilizer manufacturers. The small-scale fermentation composting turner is a common equipment that uses modern technology to transform agricultural waste, feces and organic domestic waste into high-quality bio organic fertilizer, and is an excellent tool for organic fertilizer manufacturing line.

Small walking type windrow turning machine

Main features: save a lot of civil engineering and manpower and material engineering, make the fertilizer scale flexibility more random.

Small-scale windrow turning machine utilizes a limited ground area to make the organic waste harmless treatment on a large scale. The use of some beneficial microorganisms can promote the rapid decomposing of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, and the structure is compact, the technology is advanced, and the unique pond continuous aerobic fermentation technology is used to quickly decompose, sterilize, deodorize and deodorize the organic waste. Water, to achieve the purpose of harmless, resource and reduction treatment.

In the domestic market, most organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers rely on lowering prices to obtain a broader sales market. Although this time has won opportunities for the development of organic fertilizer production lines, it is not suitable for the long-term development of equipment. Because the price reduction of the rotary drum granulator and organic fertilizer equipment will only result in lower corporate profits. Customers sometimes doubt the performance and function of the organic fertilizer machine, as well as the quality of the equipment, so you can’t just focus on the organic fertilizer equipment. To make efforts on the price of high, for enterprises, it is not a good way for long-term development of enterprises. It is also necessary to provide users with high-quality services and suitable production programs.