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Benefits of the organic fertilizer production line decomposed by the windrow turning machine

Compost windrow turning machine is mainly used for the fermentation of animal manure, domestic waste, sludge, crop straw and other organic solid wastes. It is the main equipment for the treatment of compost, belonging to the ground stacking fermentation mode.

Our turner machine can move forward, backward and turn, controlled and driven by one person. During the driving, it straddles the pre stacked long strip stacking, and the high-speed rotary blade mounted under the machine turns over, fluffy and moves the raw materials. The operation can be carried out in an open field or in a workshop shed. The composting equipment has obvious advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, fast composting and large output.

The benefits of organic fertilizer decomposing through windrow turning machine

The manure that has been turned and decomposed by the fermentation turner is rich in a large number of beneficial substances as organic fertilizer, including: a variety of organic acids, peptides, and rich nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Organic fertilizer is the main raw material for the production of green organic food, and green organic food is becoming more and more popular.
1. The organic fertilizer produces a variety of enzymes, which can reduce the production reduction caused by repeated cropping.
2. The fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line contains beneficial microbial flora, which can activate nitrogen in the air, release phosphorus and potassium nutrients, and replenish soil organic matter.
3. The soil is soft and easy to cultivate,
4. The nutrient absorption of the roots is comprehensive, the appearance, nutrient content, taste and effect of the fruit are obvious. After the organic fertilizer is granulated by the rotary drum granulator, the fertilizer effect can be enlarged and the yield increase effect is obvious.