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Advantages of Tianci fertilizer machine in making granules

The equipment of Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer is solid and durable, and NPK fertilizer granulator is suitable for different kinds of raw materials. There are many advantages in using our complete set of organic fertilizer production line equipment to make particles.

1. The double screw horizontal mixer makes the materials fully mixed, thus improving the mixing uniformity. The machine adopts a novel rotor structure, the minimum clearance between the rotor and the bright body can be adjusted to close to zero, which effectively reduces the residual amount of materials, and can break large materials. The overall structure is more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.  

2. The compound fertilizer crusher effectively solves the problem that the compound fertilizer raw materials are easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, and makes the next step of the rotary drum granulator more convenient. The high-strength wear-resistant hard alloy chain plate with synchronous speed is used in the crushing process. The design of the inlet and outlet is reasonable, the crushed materials are uniform, not easy to stick to the wall, and easy to clean.
fertilizer granuleorganic fertilizer production line

3. Roll granulation production process does not need any additives, dry powder can be directly extruded granulation. The particle strength and particle size can be adjusted by adjusting the distance of the opposite roller and changing the opposite roller to control the particle strength of the finished product; the friction coefficient of the opposite roller of the opposite roller extrusion granulator is small, which can be operated circularly to realize continuous production; the output of the finished product is high, the temperature rise is low, there is no drying process, and the granulation is carried out at room temperature, One time forming; complete set of equipment, reasonable layout, advanced technology, low energy consumption, environmental protection and pollution-free.

4. The polishing machine can grind and polish the cylindrical particles formed by the flat die granulation mechanism into spherical particles. Strengthen the shape of particles, reduce the relative water content of particles, and balance the roundness and evenness of particles.

Granular fertilizer products with high price, good fertilizer effect and less ecological pollution are generally accepted by planting parks and fruit and vegetable bases. Moreover, the fertilizer has a beautiful appearance, is suitable for large-area sowing and application of machines, and has a wide range of uses. More and more investors will consider granulation when purchasing organic fertilizer production line.