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Analysis of three fermentation methods of bio organic fertilizer

The processing method of bio organic fertilizer is more complex than that of general compound fertilizer. The manufacturing of NPK fertilizer is mainly the mixing granulation of different fertilizers. The production of bio organic fertilizer involves composting and fermentation of feces.

Direct composting

The main technological process is to mix chicken manure with straw or peat, pile up about 1 meter high, compost at high temperature, periodically turn and ventilate fermentation, and use it as product after fermentation. The advantages of this mode are: the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is simple, less investment, low cost.
The main problem is that:
1. The accumulation time of products is too long, which is greatly affected by various external conditions, so the quality of products is difficult to guarantee.
2. The degree of continuous factory production is not high and the production cycle is long.
3. The product has low nutrient content and high moisture content, which can not meet the requirements of commercialization.

Tower fermentation

The main process is to mix chicken manure with sawdust and other auxiliary materials, and then connect to the biological bacteria agent. At the same time, the tower body is automatically ventilated, and the biological growth is used to accelerate the fermentation and deodorization of chicken manure. After a fermentation cycle, the product comes out of the tower body It's basically a product. This model has the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, low pollution and high degree of factoryization.
But its current problems are:
1. Relying only on the biological heat generated by fermentation to remove moisture, the moisture content of the product cannot meet the requirements of commercialization.
2. The current process flow is not running smoothly, resulting in a large increase in labor costs, and the output fails to meet the design requirements.
3. The corrosion problem of equipment is serious, which restricts its further development.

Fermentation tank fermentation

Fermentation tank fermentation
This organic fertilizer manufacturing process is to mix chicken manure, grass charcoal, and sawdust into a cement tank, and use a compost turning machine to process the fermented material to fully ferment the material. After the fermentation is completed, the compost is crushed, sieved and packaged into products. The advantages of this model are: the production process is simple and convenient, the investment is small, and the production cost is low. It is very suitable for the bio-organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and is widely used in industrial production and processing.