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How to achieve rapid fermentation in organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The other 75% nutrients in chicken, sheep and pig feed were excreted with feces, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein and so on. A series of treatments in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process turn manure into organic fertilizer. How can organic fertilizer equipment achieve rapid fermentation and deodorization to produce finished products? What are the advantages of this process over ordinary fermentation?

Fermentation technology of organic fertilizer

1. The energy consumption of compost turning machine is low.
Fecal composting fermentation process can use biological heat to evaporate a large amount of water, low energy consumption, save coal, electricity, labor intensity, can better control the fermentation humidity, reduce the loss of effective substances.

2. Organic fertilizer equipment fermentation environment pollution is small.
Closed equipment is used in compost tipper to strengthen the controllability of factory production and reduce the exposure of mosquito and fly parasitism source. This can effectively control environmental pollution and produce high-quality organic fertilizer under the premise of ensuring the environment.

3. The processing time of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is short.
First, the factory fermentation process is used to inoculate high-efficiency active bacteria, so that the microorganisms can quickly form dominant bacteria, shorten the fermentation time, and accelerate the deodorization. Generally, deodorization can be completed within 2 to 3 days. At the same time, the turning of the turning machine increases the oxygen required for microbial activities and speeds up composting. Under normal natural conditions, open-air composting often takes several months.
Fermentation technology of organic fertilizer

Only by understanding the advantages and functions of the equipment can it play its role better. We provide organic fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer manufacturing process to ensure the steady improvement of agricultural production efficiency.