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Animal Manure Flat Die Granulator

 The crushed and fermented pig manure are processed into granules organic fertilizer by fertilizer granulator. Animal manure flat die granulator is one suitable granulating equipment. Which is used in the flat die granulator production line.
  Due to environmental pressure, more and more livestock and poultry farms are trying to change the passive situation.Practice has proved that the utilization of livestock and poultry manure to produce organic fertilizer is a relatively effective way of harmless treatment and resource utilization for large-scale farms.
animal manure pig manure flat die granulator
  Animal manure flat die granulator has advantages of wide adaptability of raw materials, especially suitable for organic materials,  has wide requirements to raw material density and raw material moisture, and raw materials do not need drying process; With large diameter of pressing roller, the template can be used on both sides, the materials are all distributed in the compression chamber, the granulation is stable, the granulation rate is high, and the appearance of finished granule is uniform and not easy to be broken;No water is added in the whole granulation molding process, saving the cost of subsequent granule drying; Raw material grinding fineness requirements are not high, granulating raw materials (after compost) generally do not need to be finely crushed, fine stones can be directly crushed.