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Advantages of Fermented Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

  Compost fermentation is essential process before granulation in the whole organic fertilizer production line, while the simple groove turning machine is the main turning equipment in the chiken manure compost process. While what advantages of fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer, following is brief descriptions.

Advantages of Fermented Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer: 
 1, Produce a variety of kinds and enzymatic, restrain a variety of soil-borne diseases such as heavy crop disease, root knot nematode disease, blight, green withered disease and blight.
 2. Fermented organic fertilizer contains efficient and beneficial microflora, which can activate nitrogen in the air and decompose and release insoluble phosphorus and potassium nutrients.Replenish soil organic matter and slowly release nutrients needed for crop growth.
 3. Improve soil physics, keep soil soft and easy to cultivate, promote soil aggregate structure, increase soil porosity, and promote root group growth.Increase soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, reduce leaching loss.
 4, Green environmental protection, improve efficiency.This product ferments the organic fertilizer non-toxic side effect, to the crop and the soil environment security, and the inorganic fertilizer mixing also greatly enhances the use efficiency of the chemical fertilizer, saves the cost.
 5, Strong roots and strong seedlings, disease prevention and resistance.Beneficial microorganisms in large quantities secrete hormones, polysaccharides and other metabolites to the outside world, inhibit the breeding of soil pathogens, promote the development of crop roots, vigorous growth, and reduce the occurrence and spread of various diseases.