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Application of dryer machine in organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The fertilizer drying machine is widely used organic fertilizer dryer equipment, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, high output, low energy consumption, convenient operation and the like. It is widely used for drying cement industry, clay, livestock manure sludge, etc. and drying of organic fertilizers and slime in coal mining industry.

First, the organic fertilizer drying machine structure
Organic fertilizer dryer generally consists of cylinder, front roller ring, rear roller ring, gear, roller, drag roller, pinion, discharge part, lifting plate, reducer, motor, hot air duct, feed chute, furnace body etc. The cylinder is driven by a gear, the rotation speed is generally 2-6r/min, and the inclination of the cylinder is related to its length, usually about 1 ° ---5 °.

Second, the performance advantage of organic fertilizer drying machine
The internal structure design of the organic fertilizer dryer is reasonable, when in organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the contact area of the organic fertilizer granules and the hot air is large, and the organic fertilizer can fully exchange heat and dehydrate. The organic fertilizer can be fully mixed and stirred in the square copy board, and the material falling can be prolonged. Time, and thus the contact time with hot air is lengthened, which is conducive to the residence time of organic fertilizer inside the drum, so that the organic fertilizer is dehydrated more thoroughly.

Third, the working principle of organic fertilizer drying machine
The organic fertilizer dryer generates heat through electric power, diesel power, wind power, coal, flammable materials and other high heat generation. It is heated by the ambient air and transported to the surrounding area to achieve the appropriate temperature for dehumidification treatment. The specific process of the dryer is as follows: the wet material is sent to the hopper by the belt conveyor, and then the feeding machine through the feeding pipe enters the feeding end through the feeding pipe. The inclination of the feeding pipe is greater than the natural inclination of the material, so that the material is smooth. Flow into the dryer. The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder that is slightly inclined with the horizontal line. The material is added from the higher side; the heat carrier enters from the lower end, is in countercurrent contact with the material, and also has the heat carrier and the material together. The flow enters the cylinder. As the rotating material of the cylinder is moved by gravity to the lower end. During the forward movement of the wet material in the cylinder, the heat of the heating medium is directly or indirectly obtained, so that the wet material can be obtained to dry, and then sent out at the discharge end by belt conveyor.

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