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Advantages of organic fertilizer granules production

 Organic fertilizer refers to a variety of animal waste (including animal waste, animal processing waste) and plant residues (cake fertilizer, crop straw, leaves, dead branches, grass charcoal, etc.), using physical, chemical, biological or three The combined treatment technology, after the standard decomposing process, eliminates the pathogens, viruses, eggs, grass seeds and harmful gases and liquids carried by the moving debris, and achieves a type of fertilizer that meets the relevant national standards. After processing through the organic fertilizer production line, it eliminates harmful substances and is rich in a lot of beneficial substances. The biggest advantage of organic fertilizer is the ability to improve soil compaction, heavy metal pollution and restore soil microbial ecology caused by excessive application of chemical fertilizers.

The organic fertilizer granulation production line can process the fertilizer into granules or powder. If it is powdery, it only needs to be pulverized. However, if it is granular, it is necessary to granulate the powdered fertilizer with a fertilizer granulator machine to get the granular fertilizer.Fertilizer granulation is an important process in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and the quality of the granulation affects the quality of the final finished fertilizer.

In actual agricultural production, most farmers still choose to use granular organic fertilizer. So why should the fertilizer be granulated in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process? What are the advantages of organic fertilizer granules compared with powder?
1. Fertilizers with very low water solubility are usually crushed into small particles to ensure that they dissolve quickly and efficiently in the soil and are absorbed by plants.

2. The control of fertilizer particle size is important for the storage and transportation of fertilizers. Good granulation makes the organic fertilizer not easy to agglomerate and has better transportation performance.

3. Some inorganic ingredients can be added to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to improve the fertilizer efficiency of the organic fertilizer, and the powdery fertilizer is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate if the inorganic component is added. 4. Fertilizer granulation improves the agricultural process, and the fertilizer granules play a role in the slow release of fertilizer efficiency, and the fertilization is convenient, and it is not easily blown away by the wind.

Our new type organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator and other fertilizer granulator machine are widely used in organic fertilizer granulation production line to meet different production needs of customers and get good economic benefits.