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Attentions In The Organic Fertilizer Compost Turning Process

  Scientific and reasonable compost fermentation can improve disease resistance of organic matter in the process of fermentation accompany the microbial breeding and a series of complex biochemical reactions, metabolism of microbes in the process of breeding to produce a large number of substances, such as hormones, antibiotics, immune substances, can promote crop growth, suppress soil disease transmission, increase crop disease resistance ability of art. Organic fertilizer without fermentation not only lacks the advantages mentioned above, but also carries its own viruses and bacteria, which have become the main source of crop diseases.
  Today,zhengzhou tianci heavy industry machinery provide five types compost turning machine, simple groove turning machine, hydraulic type groove turning machine, double screws turning machine and chain compost turning machine, compost windrow turning machine, etc. they are used in the organic fertilizer production line. here is attentions in the compost turning process:
1. Ensure the bottom of the fermentation table is ventilated for oxygen supply;  
2. The height of the heap covered by the compost heap is 0.8-1.5 meters, and the heap width is 1.5-2.0 meters. The appropriate length depends on the amount of the compost.  
3. If the farmyard manure takes too long or the straw is too much, fresh feces should be added to adjust during fermentation;  
4, The compost need covering, so as not to dry the surface of the farmyard manure can not be thoroughly fermented; 
5, Natural fermentation of farm manure needs to be adjusted to carry out secondary fermentation; 
Organic fertilizer raw materials processing fermentation tips:
(1) Weeds, crop straw fermentation (25 days ) : with crushed or chopped weeds, crop straw (general length of 3-5 cm), with 40% of the manure or biogas slurry adjustment;It can also be regulated with 2% urea (46% nitrogen) or compound fertilizer with equal nitrogen content.Can also by weight ratio 3:1-4:1 to add fresh livestock and poultry manure for regulation. 
(2) Fermentation with pure feces (about 20 days ) : you can add crushed (chopped) weeds, crop straw fermentation, compost water content at about 60% is appropriate, common ratio of 3:14:1 to adjust fermentation.
(3) Fermentation with barnyard manure (about 15 days ) : directly expand the bacterial species, evenly remove a layer in the enclosure, stir it, directly pile it on the fermentation platform, repeat the operation, if the moisture is too large, you can add a proper amount of crushed dry auxiliary materials to adjust in the enclosure.