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The Advantages of NPK Compound Fertilizer

  NPK compound fertilizer has rich nutrition with npk major elements, minor element, good physical characteristics,and high active ingredient content. which is produced by the professional npk fertilizer production line.

 The advantages of the npk compound fertilizer:

1.High nutrition content and major nutrient elements of compound fertilizer, with various types of element, at least it can provide more than 2 types of major nutrient elements for crops in one tim application.  
2.Minor nutrient element is less, structure is uniform. For example, ammonium phosphate does not contain any useless subcomponents, and its anions and cations are the main nutrients absorbed by crops. The distribution of nutrients in this fertilizer is relatively uniform. Compared with the powdered or crystalline unit fertilizer after granulation, the structure is close, the nutrient release is uniform, and the fertilizer efficiency is stable and long. The adverse effect on the soil is small due to less secondary components.
3.Good physical characteristics, compound fertilizer manily is made into granules, with small hygroscopicity, not easy to cake, convenient to store , apply into soil automatically.
4.Save the expense of storage, transportation, package. Active ingredient content is higher than the usual fertilizer in the compound fertilizer, so it can save the expenses of storage, transporation and package. For example,   the storage each ton of ammonium phosphate is approximately equal to 4 tons of calcium superphosphate and ammonium sulfate. 

The disadvantages of the npk compound fertilizer:
1.the nutrient proportion is fixed, is hard to satisfy the need of different types of soil and crop.
2. the nutrient rate of movement is different in the soil,  the extent maintained and lapsed in the soil is different, so the application time and site is hard to meet the requirements of  application technology.
  We need to adjust the application of npk fertilizer according to the advantages of disadvantages of compound fertilizer.