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The role of the ball shaping machine in the organic fertilizer production line

 At present, all the fertilizer granulator machine only makes the material according to the user's needs to produce the appropriate particle size, but the appearance and use are not perfect. At this time, the ball shaping machine is born. The so-called organic fertilizer ball shaping machine is rounding device arranged on the basis of the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulator, which makes the cylindrical particles roll to the ball at a time, without returning material, high ball formation rate, good strength, beautiful and practical. It is ideal equipment for making spherical particles in the organic fertilizer industry, and is widely used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.

The organic fertilizer ball shaping machine is a multi-layer continuous organic fertilizer particle polishing and shaping device. The top of the frame is fixed with a large cylinder, the upper end of the large cylinder has an upper cover, the top surface of the upper cover is connected with a feeding chute, and the vertical shaft has two vertical shafts. The self-aligning ball bearing is connected with the frame, and the lower end of the vertical shaft is connected with the output shaft of the motor through a speed reduction mechanism, the upper part of the vertical shaft extends into the large cylinder, and is fixedly connected to the large turntable, and the outer edge of the large turntable is in sliding contact with the inner wall of the large cylinder Connection, a large circular overflow port is connected to the large turntable, and a discharge chute is connected under the large turntable; an extension shaft is connected to the top of the vertical shaft, and the extension shaft is fixedly connected with at least one small turntable concentric with the large turntable, the small turntable In the large cylinder and above the large turntable, the outer edge of each small turntable is in sliding contact with the inner wall of the small cylinder. The upper end of the small cylinder is fixedly connected with the upper cover, and a small cylinder is opened on the wall of the small cylinder overflow port. The fermented raw materials can directly produce spherical granular organic fertilizer without drying, and no manual operation is required.

Organic fertilizer ball shaping machine features:
1. High output, flexible in the process, can be used simultaneously with one or several granulators, which solves the problems of complicated process, large equipment investment brought and finished products produced by multiple devices is inconsistent caused by the previous fertilizer granulator machine to be equipped with only one rounding machine.
2. The machine consists of two or more throwing cylinders arranged in sequence. The material is discharged from the discharge port after repeated rounding. The finished particles have the same particle size, high density, round and smooth, and high yield.
3. Beautiful appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable, small size, light weight and so on.
4. Easy operation and maintenance ,can be operated according to the instructions.
5. It has strong anti-overloading ability and can adapt to work in various environments. Even if it is full of load, it is not boring, and it is not necessary to set a separate limiting device.
6. Low power consumption, low production cost and high economic efficiency.
7. Since the machine is dried at a low temperature, it will not affect the bacterial activity of the biological fertilizer.