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Belt Conveyor of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Belt conveyor is used for transporting the fertilizer materials in different production process in the whole organic fertilizer production line, from the batching systems process, crushing process, mixing process, to granulating process, drying and cooling process, screening process and regranulating process, automatic packing process. The use of belt conveyor is saving a lot of working pressure and improving the working efficiency.
Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mine, coal, port, transportation, water and electricity, chemical and other departments to carry on, loading, reloading or accumulating all kinds of normal temperature, loose density of various kinds of bulk, due to the large amount of transportation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost and strong generality. It can be transported by a single or multiple unit to transport the material, which can be arranged in a horizontal or sloping form according to the technical requirements. Besides, it can also be conveyed with a convex arc section, a concave arc section and a straight line section. The bulk density of the conveyor is determined by the bandwidth, speed, slot angle and dip angle. It also depends on the frequency of the high speed material. The working environment temperature of the conveyor is usually -25-+40 degrees centigrade, and our company can also produce light belt conveyor and mobile conveyor.
  Sturcture of betl conveyor:
1. Drive part
2. Rolling part
3. Roller part
4. Cleaning part
5. Unloading part
6. Brake part
7. Annex