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What are the equipment components of a small bio-organic fertilizer production line?

In recent years, due to the development of animal husbandry, environmental pollution caused by animal manure has become more and more serious. How to deal with the large amount of manure produced by the farming industry becomes a headache. To cope with this problem, agricultural science and technology experts invented a small biofertilizer project production line. Next, Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry will tell you what the components of a complete small organic fertilizer production line include.
biofertilizer project
First. Complete set of small-scale bio-organic fertilizer production line equipment
1) Raw material stacking fermentation equipment-compost turner machine. Realize a new design of one machine with multiple tanks.
2) New type wet and dry material crusher-vertical crusher and horizontal crusher.
3) Mixing mixers-including vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, biaxial powerful mixers, etc.
4) Granulators for organic fertilizers-including disc granulators, new wet granulators, throwers, drum granulators, etc., choose the appropriate fertilizer granulator machine according to the characteristics of the raw materials.
5) Rotary dryer-alias drum dryer, because the temperature of organic fertilizer cannot exceed 80 °, the dryer adopts hot air drying mode.
6) Cooler-similar in appearance to the dryer, but with different materials and performance.
7) Screening machine-including drum type and vibrating type. Screening machine is divided into three stages, two stages and so on.
8) Automatic metering and packaging machine-including screw type and DC type, single head and double head, made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Second, the price analysis of small biofertilizer project production line equipment
Small organic fertilizer production line equipment has low price, good efficiency, low price and low production cost. Because organic fertilizer raw materials are produced and sold by farmers, they are not worried about the source, so based on local materials, this is an aspect of low production costs. And the small organic fertilizer equipment, because the output is suitable for the miniaturization production, the equipment price is relatively low, the hardware equipment investment is small. In terms of price, the price of small organic fertilizer equipment is usually between 50,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan, and the overall price is relatively low. Compared with the medium and large-scale organic fertilizer equipment which has reached hundreds of thousands and millions of equipment investment, the price of small-scale organic fertilizer equipment is obviously very small. The price difference from 50,000 to 150,000 yuan is due to the different needs of each user, different demand configurations, and different processes.