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How to reduce die hole blockage of ring die granulator of organic fertilizer equipment

The ring die granulator can be used as an organic fertilizer equipment to compress the fermented compost into granules. In the process of organic fertilizer production, the ring die granulator often encounters the situation that the raw materials blocks the die holes. We can adjust the raw material to reduce the blockage of the die hole.
ring die granulator of organic fertilizer equipment

Different properties of the raw materials produce different pressing effects. If the raw materials contain more heat sensitive substances such as lactose and glucose, the viscosity of the raw materials will increase and the hardness of the particles will increase after heating. When the temperature reaches 60℃, the raw materials will be coked, which will easily cause the blockage of the die holes and affect the production. Therefore, when using ring die granulator, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the moisture of the raw materials and adding water in time. After the mold is heated by friction, the temperature should not be too high to avoid the blockage.

Inorganic materials have no cohesive force and poor granulation performance, which will increase the wear of the mould of the ring die granulator, and sometimes the material will plug the die hole. Therefore, the proportion of inorganic substances in the raw materials should not be too large when the ring die granulator is used to granulate organic fertilizer.

When ring die granulator presses the granules containing urea, little or no water should be added. As the temperature rises, urea becomes soluble, and water dissolves urea, which increases the humidity of the raw material, and then cause the mold of the ring die granulator to clog.

When the ring die granulator is used as the organic fertilizer equipment for granulation, the appropriate fiber in the raw material helps the material to form solid organic fertilizer particles through the die hole, but when the fiber content is high, the mold hole is easily blocked. Therefore, when organic fertilizer is fermented, straw can not be used as the main fermentation product, but also a large number of animal manure is added to ferment compost.

In addition to the characteristics of raw material itself, attention should also be paid to the addition of water in the production of ring die granulator. The water content of raw materials of ring die granulator is generally not more than 13%. If the water content of raw materials is too high, the water addition should be reduced in granulation to avoid blockage caused by material bonding die holes.

When the ring mold granulator produces organic fertilizer, the hard materials contained in the raw materials such as small stones, glass, iron sheets, etc. will also block the die holes, so we also need to regularly clear the die holes to reduce impurities in the raw materials. The raw materials need to be crushed by compost crusher into powder before granulation.