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Production Characteristics of Flat Die Granulator for Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Organic fertilizer equipment mainly includes fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, cooler, rotary screener, compost turning machine, packaging machine and other equipment, among which granulator is the key machine for organic fertilizer production. Flat die granulator has a unique granulating effect on organic fertilizer solid granulation, and is widely used in organic fertilizer production. In this paper, according to the granulation principle of the flat die granulator and the function of its components, the suitable granulation of organic fertilizer is determined.

Granulation process of flat die granulator
The organic fertilizer material is poured from the top to form a material layer 1 mm thick on the template. The material rotates with the rotation of the template. The roller extrudes the material. Under the action of friction, the material is squeezed into the small pieces on the template and then formed. At the same time, the material is stirred by other parts, evenly distributed, and then continue to extrude, complete continuous granulation.
pellet of flat die granulator

Overall operation status of flat die granulator
In the extrusion and granulation process of the flat die granulator, the template rotates with the hollow axis, and the material is extruded through the template. The roller frame is fixed on the axle, so the roller will not rotate with the roller frame. Granulation is realized by rotation of both rollers and formwork. The motor power used in this granulation method is small, the efficiency of the granulator is high, and the overall size of the machine is small. Therefore, the use of flat die granulator to produce solid organic fertilizer particles has high production efficiency and low granulation cost.
flat die granulator for organic fertilizer equipment

As a professional organic fertilizer equipment, flat die granulator is not only suitable for solid organic fertilizer granulation, but also for feed processing. But its structure determines that it is suitable for small and medium-sized organic fertilizer plants, or feed processing plants.