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Equipment needed for the production of cake organic fertilizer

 Cake fertilizer is the residue left after the oil seeds are pressed, and these residues can be directly applied as fertilizer. There are many types of cake fat, among which are mainly bean cake, rapeseed cake, puff cake, cotton seed cake, peanut cake, tea cake and so on. The nutrient content of cake fertilizer, due to the different raw materials, the method of oil extraction is different, and the content of various nutrients is also different. Generally, the water content is 10% to 13%, and the organic matter is 75% to 86%. It is an organic fertilizer with relatively high nitrogen content.

Cake organic fertilizer production line equipment is compact process layout, scientific and reasonable, advanced technology, energy saving, no three emissions, stable operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and wide adaptability of raw materials. Adapted to various proportions of organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, urban sludge, domestic waste organic fertilizer, etc., filled the domestic gap, ranking the domestic leading level. The cake is rich in organic matter, can provide the nutrients needed for crop growth, and can fertilize and improve the soil.

The use of cakes for organic fertilizer production requires the following equipment:
1, fermentation equipment
Fermentation turning machine, mainly used for aerobic fermentation of organic waste such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill sludge, slag cake and straw sawdust, including simple groove turning machine, crawler type turning Machine, double screws turning machine, etc., customers can choose according to the actual situation.

2, crushing equipment
The new semi-wet material crusher includes a vertical crusher and a horizontal crusher, and the internal structure has a chain type and a hammer type. No screen, even if the material is removed from the water, it will not be clogged.

3, mixing equipment
Mixing machine includes vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, two-axis powerful mixers, drum mixers, etc. The internal stirring structure is divided into a stirring knife type, a spiral type, and the like. Design a suitable agitation structure based on the characteristics of the material. The discharge port is designed for cylinder control and baffle control.

4, conveying equipment
Belt conveyors, including mobile belt conveyors, fixed belt conveyors, etc. Belt conveyors are economical logistics equipments that are indispensable for the construction of rhythmic flow lines. They have strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance and simple structure. Easy to maintain, it is easy to implement many features of program control and automation.

5, granulation equipment
Special granulator for organic fertilizer, including disc granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, polishing machine, drum granulator, etc. According to the characteristics of the raw materials, choose a suitable granulator.

6, drying and cooling equipment
Rotary dryer, alias drum dryer, bio-organic fertilizer dryer, because the temperature of organic fertilizer drying cannot exceed 80 ° C, so our dryer uses hot air drying mode.
The cooler and dryer are similar in appearance but differ in material and performance. The main engine of the dryer is made of boiler steel, and the main unit of the cooling machine is made of carbon steel.

7, screening equipment
The screening machine includes a drum type and a vibrating type. The screening machine is divided into a three-stage sieve, a secondary sieve and the like.

8, automatic packaging equipment
Automatic metering and packaging machine, including spiral and DC, single head and double head, made of stainless steel and carbon steel, customized according to customer's actual needs.