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Different kinds of mixer machine for fertilizer use

The main purpose of the organic fertilizer mixer is to assist the organic fertilizer production process, premix the organic fertilizer various raw materials and organic fertilizer starter before fermentation, or at the end of the fermentation, after the raw materials are crushed, the compost is uniformly stirred to make the fertilizer can be better granulated.

Our company mainly produces horizontal mixers, vertical disc mixers and twin-shaft mixers for organic fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line.
The horizontal mixer has high mixing uniformity and low residual amount, and is suitable for mixing feed, concentrated feed and additive premix. The specific feature is that the materials are thoroughly mixed. Thereby improving the mixing uniformity; adopting the novel rotor structure, the gap between the rotor and the casing can be adjusted to near zero position, effectively reducing the residual amount of materials; the machine is equipped with a grease adding pipeline, the overall structure is more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the operation is easy.

The working principle of the horizontal mixer: the horizontal cylinder is equipped with rotating reversed blades, the blades are angled to circulate the material along the axial and radial directions, so that the materials are quickly mixed and the horizontal mixer is characterized by the speed reducer. The rotation speed of the shaft and the structure of the blade will weaken the material gravity. With the lack of gravity, the difference in particle size and specific gravity of each material is neglected during the mixing process. Intense mixing movement shortens the mixing time and is faster. Even if the material has a difference in specific gravity and particle size, a good mixing effect can be achieved under the rapid and vigorous tumbling of the staggered stirring blades. It’s high mixing uniformity and low residual amount, suitable for mixing two kinds of fertilizers and additive premixes.

The vertical disc mixer is a new type of vertical disc mixer, which consists of a stirring disc, a discharge port, a stirring arm, a frame, a gear box and a transmission mechanism, and is characterized in that the output shaft end of the reducer drives the stirring spindle. To make it run, there is a fixed stirring tooth on the stirring shaft, and the stirring shaft drives the stirring teeth to make the material mix and mix well. The mixer has long service life, energy saving, small volume, fast stirring speed and continuous working. This machine is mainly used for the mixing of raw materials. The inner disc can be lining polypropylene plate or stainless steel plate, which is not easy to stick and wear. And the cycloidal pinwheel reducer is adopted, which has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform stirring, convenient discharging and conveying.

The double axis mixer is rotated through two groups of screw shafts with spiral blade, and water is added water to the powder material for spraying wet mixing transportation, so that powdery material can achieve controllable humidity. The equipment is mainly suitable for humidification and mixing of raw materials in the fertilizer industry, so that the materials are fully mixing and this machine have the function of conveying too. When the quantity of raw material is poured into the mixing tank from the outlet, the raw material is atomized by a number of water with relative pressure, which is stirred by the mixing shaft of the qualitative length to form a uniform water-containing core. The whole agitation is divided into three areas: atomization area, mixing area and discharge area. The agitator leaves have well wear resistance and long service life.