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Can chicken manure be applied directly to grow pepper?

It is absolutely not allowed to use chicken manure directly to grow pepper. Due to the physiological characteristics of chickens, the feed they eat is not fully digested and absorbed. About 40% - 70% of nutrients and various feed additives are discharged from the body. However, these substances pulled out with the feces contain certain hazards. If they are directly applied without scientific treatment, there is a great risk.

Therefore, whether it is vegetables or orchards, the direct use of chicken manure is very easy to cause disasters, with light losses of more than half, and heavy losses of grain. Chicken manure can be used as fertilizer product only after it has been specially treated by organic fertilizer production line.
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1. Harm of direct application of chicken manure: burning roots and seedlings, smoking dead plants

The use of chicken manure without fermentation or without complete fermentation will cause the soil temperature to rise. Serious cause of large plant death, delay crop growth, waste of time and investment, heavy losses.

Especially in winter and spring, the application of chicken manure is the most dangerous, because at this time, the temperature in the vegetable greenhouse is high, chicken manure fermentation will emit a lot of heat, leading to root burning phenomenon. When chicken manure is used in winter and spring, it is just before and after the root dormancy. Once the root is burned, it will affect the accumulation of nutrients and the flowering and bearing of the next year.

2. Harm of direct application of chicken manure: salinized soil, fruitless

If chicken manure is used for years, a large amount of sodium chloride will be left in the soil of pepper planting area, with an average salt content of 30-40kg per 6 cubic meters of chicken manure. However, 10kg salt per mu of land has seriously restricted soil permeability and activity, solidified phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron and manganese and other important elements, which resulted in abnormal plant growth, sparse flower buds and fruitless yield reduction, which seriously restricted the improvement of crop yield and quality. As a result, the fertilizer utilization rate plummeted, and the investment cost increased by 50-100%.

How to treat and apply chicken manure correctly?

The treatment of chicken manure is not complicated. NPK fertilizer granulator manufacturers recommend bio organic fertilizer processing technology, stacking materials in piles or putting them into a built fermentation tank for aerobic fermentation. The traditional treatment method is to seal and compost chicken manure for anaerobic fermentation, which generally takes 3-4 months to mature, with very low efficiency.

During the fermentation process of chicken manure, it is necessary to tip over the materials in time to ventilate. It can become a fertilizer in about a week, and then it can be applied after aging for a period of time. We recommend that the decomposed compost be granulated with a fertilizer granulator, and then used or sold.