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How to recycle mushroom residue

Mushroom residue is the product of mushroom planting. There is no reasonable way to use the residue in many mushroom planting bases, which leads to waste. Now NPK fertilizer granulator manufacturer will introduce how to recycle through mushroom residue organic fertilizer production line.

Mushroom residue can be returned to farmland after recycling, and there is no place for disposal of the former waste mushroom residue. Through the treatment of organic fertilizer production process, the substrate nutrient soil can be fermented into a substrate, and the price per ton can be sold to a higher price. So how can waste mushroom residue be made into matrix nutrient soil. The method of making mushroom residue into substrate is introduced below.
mushroom residue make fertilizer
Mushroom dregs are usually used as mushroom culture materials with cottonseed shell as the main component. They are eliminated after being planted and can be used as soilless culture media. The unit weight is 240 kg / M 3. Because there are a large number of mycelium in the bag, it can be twisted into a block, which can be irrigated in large amount, and then covered with plastic film. When the mycelium is rotted, the mushroom residue will be naturally broken.

If you are eager to use it, you can also use tools to mechanically break it and then screen it. After screening, with other materials, add the fermentation agent; the crushed or cut-off main materials are pre soaked or washed and pre wetted, and the water content is adjusted to 60-70%, pH value is about 8. Mixed reactor. Use thermometer to observe the temperature. When the temperature reaches 60 ℃, use organic fertilizer equipment to turn over the pile. The fermentation can be completed by 2-3 times in a row. The fermented fertilizer can be used to grow vegetables, or it can be processed again by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and then sold in bags.

The waste mushroom dregs are very rich in nutrients, which can be used to make flower and nursery stock matrix as mentioned above, and can also be used as auxiliary materials for the treatment of livestock and poultry manure and fermentation to make organic fertilizer. The profit can reach 20% of the total mushroom output. Modern agriculture, we must choose more high-tech technology to help your planting! If you want to increase the income in planting, please cooperate with us as soon as possible. We not only provide organic fertilizer equipment, but also provide NPK fertilizer manufacturing process to solve fertilizer problems for users.