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Can NPK fertilizer be mixed with organic fertilizer

Can NPK compound fertilizer be mixed with fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer? The answer is: of course. Fertilizer is a very important link in traditional agricultural production, and the way of fertilizer collocation is mostly. Now NPK fertilizer granulator manufacturers will introduce the function of mixing organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer for you.

1. When the straw is returned to the field and the immature organic fertilizer is applied, adding chemical nitrogen fertilizer can avoid the slow supply of crop due to the early nitrogen deficiency, and the nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen need to be provided at the same time in the mature stage of cereal crops, which can be achieved by organic fertilizer.

2. Adding organic fertilizer to fertilizer production line can reduce some adverse side effects of fertilizer. If NPK fertilizer is mixed with organic fertilizer, the problem will not occur. In addition, if the physiological acid fertilizer is applied alone for a long time, it will make the soil become acid, and produce too much active iron, active aluminum and other harmful substances, which will cause toxicity to crops. But mixed application with organic fertilizer can increase the buffering performance of soil and prevent soil acidification. In fact, fertilizer plants often mix organic fertilizer with NPK fertilizer, and use rotary drum granulator to make organic compound fertilizer particles.
Mixed fertilizer particlefertilizer particle

3. The mixed organic compound fertilizer can increase the nutrient content of the crop nutrient organic fertilizer, the fertilizer effect is stable and long, there is more organic matter, it can improve the content of the soil organic matter, improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil. It can not only supply crops, but also soil microorganisms with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins and growth hormones. After the application of organic fertilizer, the enzyme activity of soil increased, which was beneficial to the transformation of nutrients.

4. Mixed fertilizer improves fertilizer efficiency. Fertilizers such as superphosphate and trace elements are fixed by the soil and fail after being applied to the soil. Mixed use of chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer, because it reduces the contact surface with the soil and reduces the fixation of nutrients, organic fertilizer can increase the solubility of phosphate rock, which is better under paddy field conditions.

In the fertilizer production line, the chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer are mixed and processed. When applied in the soil, the chemical fertilizer can be absorbed and stored by the organic fertilizer to reduce the loss. In addition, chemical fertilizer mixed with organic fertilizer can also promote the maturity of organic fertilizer and improve the fertilizer efficiency.