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Performance characteristics of chain compost turning machine for organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The chain compost turning machine is suitable for deep tank aerobic composting of organic solid waste such as livestock manure, sludge and garbage. It’s widely used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and the biofertilizer production.The machine travels along the track of the fermentation tank, and its high-efficiency turning operation helps to accelerate the fermenting and fermenting of materials in the fermentation tank, reduce moisture and improve compost quality. Our company produces different kinds of models of the turning machine to meet a variety of fermentation tank widths.

The chain compost turning machine is reasonable in design, the motor consumes less power, and the transmission adopts high-quality hard surface gear reducer with low noise and high efficiency. Key parts such as chains use imported parts for durability. The hydraulic lifting device is used for lifting and lowering, and the depth of the stacking can reach 1.8-2.0 meters. The vertical lifting height of the material can reach 2 meters, and the time spent in the air is long, no need to aerate.

Several performance characteristics of the chain compost turning machine for organic fertilizer manufacturing process:
1. Optional trough type raw material distributing machine, automatic discharging device, solar fermentation room and ventilation aeration system. With the shifting machine, it is possible to realize a multi-slot operation by using a turning machine to save investment.

2. When turning over, the material stays on the pallet for a long time, the high position is thrown away, and the air is in full contact, which is easy to reduce moisture.

3. The flip tray is equipped with a flexible tensioning and elastic damping system to protect the transmission system and working parts from high efficiency. The tumbling pallet is equipped with a detachable wear-resistant curved tooth cutter, which has strong crushing ability and good oxygen filling effect.

4. The lifting and lowering of the working parts of the throwing is controlled by the hydraulic system, which is flexible and safe. It can remotely control the machine to move forward, traverse, turn over and quickly retreat to improve the operating environment.

5. The front and rear bridges have high ground clearance and large bearing capacity.

6. It can realize the turning operation of any position in the groove by horizontal and vertical displacement, which is flexible.

7. It adopts chain drive and rolling support pallet structure, which has low throwing resistance, electricity and energy saving, and is suitable for deep groove operation.