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Advantages of using organic Chinese medicine residue to make organic fertilizer

The Chinese medicine slag is mostly the residue remaining after the roots, stems, leaves, seeds, etc. have been cut or broken, and the active ingredients are extracted by a special process. It is a good raw material for organic fertilizer production process and various waste materials in the conventional ecological organic fertilizer production project.


The advantages of using traditional Chinese medicine slag to make organic fertilizer are:
1. Increase the yield of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products. In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, fermented medicinal residues contain a variety of sugars, amino acids and other substances, which not only provide nutrients for growing crops, but also promote activity of microorganism and the maintenance of micro-ecological balance in the soil.

2. The fermented slag fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microbial bacteria, which can improve the soil after use, improve the root absorption of the crop and prevent disease.

3. Secondary use, turning waste into treasure, reducing the cost of fertilizer use and avoiding environmental pollution.

The organic matter content of traditional Chinese medicine slag is often above 70%. According to the latest organic fertilizer standard, the total nutrient content of traditional Chinese medicine slag is usually not up to standard. If organic fertilizer is produced by fermentation of traditional Chinese medicine slag as raw material, nitrogenous fertilizer and phosphorus may be added to traditional Chinese medicine slag. Fertilizer or potassium-containing fertilizer, or binary, ternary compound fertilizer, and then added to the biological fermentation strain, fully fermented, crushed, that is, the standard organic fertilizer. Different dregs have different fermentation ratios.

The drug residue is added to the organic material with high crude protein content such as livestock manure, bone powder, animal carcass, etc., and the biological fermentation strain is added at the same time, the organic fertilizer compost turning machine is used, the pile is piled up, the mixture is stirred uniformly, and the fermentation is carried out for several days. During the fermentation, the temperature rises continuously. When it reaches 45°C or above, it will be turned over once every 2~3 days, and the temperature of the material pile can be kept between 50~70°C. When the temperature slowly drops, stop turning over the pile, and let stand for a week or so, you can basically complete the decomposed fermentation. After being decomposed, it is pulverized by a pulverizing device to obtain a powdery organic fertilizer.

Nowadays, the best-selling organic fertilizer on the market is relatively easy to store and spread with respect to powdered organic fertilizers, which are favored by customers. If you want to make a granular fertilizer, you should use a fertilizer granulator machine to granulate the powdered fertilizer to obtain a granular fertilizer. Then, it can be dried and cooled, sieved, and finally packaged and stored.