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The role of organic fertilizer equipment forklift feeder

The organic fertilizer forklift feeder (also known as the organic fertilizer automatic loading bin) is composed of a weighing system, a chain plate conveying mechanism, a silo and a frame; wherein the chain plate, chain, bolt, roller, etc. of the conveying mechanism are Consumable parts, with different strength and frequency, take the lead in wear and deformation, and need to be replaced by users; the chain-type feeder has high strength and can adapt to large-sized materials with a certain granularity. The volume of the silo is large, which can effectively shorten the feeding time of the forklift. However, at the same time, the chain plate transmission speed is slow and the bearing capacity is large. The forklift feeder is a feed in the general sense, but because the names are different in different places, different names are produced, and the essence and function are basically the same. It’s one of main machine used in the organic fertilizer production process.


Organic fertilizer automatic loading bin machine is mainly used to shovel materials into the silo through the forklift, saving manpower, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency. The silo mixing shaft transfers the materials to the lower conveyor belt, and then the material is evenly transferred by the conveyor to the granulation equipment or the pulverizing equipment.

The use of organic fertilizer automatic loading bin: mainly used for feeding system, instead of manual, saving time and labor, improving work efficiency. In the modern industrial fertilizer manufacturing process, it is very limited to improve the production efficiency simply by improving the performance of the production equipment. The intervention of the automation auxiliary equipment can free human beings from the monotonous and complicated manual labor, and on the other hand, only realize industrialization. Fully automatic production is the solution to improve production efficiency.

One of the key technologies for improving production efficiency in the machining process is to realize the function of automatic loading and unloading, and the automatic loading and unloading device must satisfy the process of automatically operating or controlling according to prescribed procedures or instructions without intervention. The goal is “stable, accurate and fast”, which means that the automatic loading and unloading device must meet the precise positional relationship between the machined parts in the loading and unloading device and the loading and unloading robots, so as to ensure the mechanical loading, Unloading is accurate and fast.