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How to choose a disc granulator?

Disc granulator is compound fertilizer equipment, which is an important product in the NPK fertilizer production. The disc granulator adopts an overall circular arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach over 93%. The granulation tray has three discharge ports, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.

The reducer and the motor head of the fertilizer granulator machine are driven by flexible belts, which are stable in starting, slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment. The bottom of the granulation disc is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which is sturdy and durable and never deformed. The thickened, weighted, and sturdy base design eliminates the need for anchor bolts for smooth operation. Disc granulators are widely used to transport a variety of non-stick materials in powder, granule or small pieces, such as coal powder, cement, clinker, fertilizer and other materials.


Below we introduce the purchase guide of the lower disc granulator, which is helpful for everyone to buy.
1, with the mother machine, double helix feeding.
2, the gearbox should be good, the gear inside must be heat treated, the bearing can be adjusted.
3, gearbox, screw, barrel, head and wear parts should be treated with strength, life guarantee for more than 1 year.
4, the main components to use scale material.
5, reducer and motor purchase professional manufacturers produce sets; do not buy granulator manufacturers themselves assembled.
6, there must be a distribution work cabinet.
7. The equipment hub is screw and barrel, and the quality is good.
8. The washing machine must be produced continuously, no need to stop changing water, use the washing pool, otherwise the efficiency is extremely low.
9, heating should be segmented, segment heating should be average controllable.
10, there must be a matching waste plastic washing machine, using reincarnation water, no need to discharge sewage.
11, efficient energy saving.
12, the machine's aspect ratio cannot exceed 20 (in the range of 16:1-20:1, that is to say the screw length is 16-20 times the screw diameter).
13, the model cannot be small 100, the greater the higher the output.
14, to have double exhaust